How to Own the Future

Meta-Trends & the Next Economy

A presentation on the power of economic forecasting by Mark Parrott.

How to Own the Future

Meta-Trends & the Next Economy

A presentation on the power of economic forecasting by Mark Parrott.

Meta-Trends Highlights

Highlights from Mark Parrott's Meta-Trends presentation. 

What is Meta-Trends?

A Visionary Experience

Meta-Trends teaches you how to peer into the future through economic forecasting, and learn to adjust to the coming economy.

Speaking for Impact

The future breaks down into the knowable, and the unknowable. Know the knowable future.



30 Year Veteran

30 years experience on Wall Street and financial services industry


Certified in Mergers and Aquisitions from DePaul University

Certified Business Coach from Marshall Goldsmith


AICPA Conference on Trends

Mid-Atlantic CFO Conference

International Technology Alliance CIO Conference

to name a few

Know the Future

Award-winning chief-strategist and author will help you own the future

CEO Testimonials

Michael L. Elburn, Illinois

Outstanding presentation that puts you in a much improved position for making quality strategic decisions, and adjusting those decisions as needed. Mark truly empowers the community. 

Gail S. Pasadena, California

Thoughtful and insightful. Great big picture view. Very relevant and insightful information. Clear understanding of the subject and provided good resources to use in the future.

John S. Rochester, New York

Mark Parrott offered to us a path forward to greater future success in our businesses (and our lives). Mark's presentation has the potential to change fundamental thought processes used in business and life planning.

Key Execs from North Carolina

Great Presentation and Vision to plan for any company's future.

Rear Admiral Stephen J. Greenville, South Carolina

Fabulous, actionable content. Want to grow your organizatigon? Book Mark Parrott and invite lots of guests. Mark gave both my CEO group and my Key group his Meta-Trends and the Next Economy presentation this month. 5 out of 5’s across the board.

Sandy Sloyer, Oaks, Pennsylvania

Armed with Mega-data, he demystifies trends of the past and shows how the future will be impacted... challenging the participants to introspective analysis of the status quo and a call to action.

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